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Siltech is an Innovation company.  We have built our business and reputation on creating new silicones for new customers with new applications. [read more]

Environmental Awareness and Sustainability silicone producer toronto

A major concern of today's consumers and users of any chemicals is how they impact the environment.
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 Manufacturing silicone manufacturing toronto

Our 15,000 m2 of manufacturing floor space is divided among our two modern plants bracketing the city of Toronto. [read more]

Toronto silicone manufacturer

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Toronto silicone compounds

Siltech Patents

Number US Patent Date Issued Topic Number US Patent Date Issued Topic
1 4868236 Sep-89 Guerbet Citrate
23 5446114 Aug-95 Fluorinated Dimethicone Copolyols
2 5051489 Sep-91 Silanol Waxes 24 6346595 Feb-02 Aromatic Dlmethicone Copolyol Polymers as sun screen agents
3 5070168 Dec-91 Ether Amine Functional Silicone Polymers 25 6388042 May-02 Dimethicone Copolyol Esters
4 5070171 Dec-91 Phosphated
26 6727340 Apr-04 Fluoro Alkyl Dimethicone Copolyol Esters
5 5073619 Dec-91 Silicone
27 6777521 Aug-04 Silicone Sulfate Polymers
6 5091493 Feb-92 Silicone Phosphobetaines 28 7132558 Nov-06 Silicone Vitamin Esters
7 5098979 Mar-92 Silicone Quats 29 7247696 Jul-07 Alkyl Dimethicone Copolyol Sulfosuccinates
8 5115049 May-92 Silicone Amine
30 7279503 Oct-07 Water in Oil Emulsions
9 5120812 Jun-92 Free-Radical
Silicone Monomers
31 7291323 Nov-07 Silicone Lubricating and Conditioning Compositions
10 5136063 Aug-92 Silicone Waxes 32 7361721 Apr-08 Crosslinked Silicone Polymers
11 5149765 Sep-92 Terminal Silicone Phosphates 33 7407666 Apr-08 Linear Silicone Resins in Personal Care Applications
12 5153294 Oct-92 Silicone Quats 34 7495062 Feb-09 Silicone Methoxy Ester Compositions
13 5162472 Nov-92 Silicone
35 7632488 Dec-09 Crosslinked Silicone Polymers
14 5164471 Nov-92 Fluorine Silicone Waxes 36 7718750 May-10 Multi Alkoxylated Silicone Surfactants
15 5166297 Nov-92 Silicone Quat Intermediates 37 7723443 May-10 Multifunctional Linear Silicone Resin Polymers
16 5180843 Jan-93 Silicone Esters 38 7786241 Aug-10 Polyester Silicone Resins
17 5196499 Feb-93 Terminal Silicone Quats 39 7790813 Sep-10 Multifunctional Silicone Resin Polymers
18 5378787 Jan-95 Silicone Amlnes  40 7811976  Oct-10 Dimer Alkyl Silicone Polymers
19 7834116 Nov-10 Fluoro Silicone Acrylate and Polymer Thereof 41 7875263 Jan-11 Polymeric Structured Gels
20 7951893 May-11 Star Silicone Polymers 42 7956152 Jun-11 Star Silicone Polymers
21 8025870 Sep-11 Vinyl Ether Silicone Polymers 43 8124062 Feb-12 Dimer Alkyl Silicone Polymers in Personal Care Applications
22 8148483 Apr-12 Fluoro Silicone Acrylates and Polymers Thereof 44 8148483 Apr-12 Silicone based Sun Screening Compositions with Improved UVA1/UV Ratios
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Head Office
Siltech Corporation
225 Wicksteed Avenue, Toronto
Ontario, Canada, M4H 1G5

Telephone: [416] 424-4567
Facsimile: [416] 424-3158


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