Patent Technical Specialist/Knowledge Manager

Reporting to the Technical Director, this position sources, organizes, preserves and provides access to digital (or other) source of technical information specifically related to Silicone Technologies, Processes, Industry and Markets. This position ensures that Siltech employees in key departments have the most up-to-date and relevant information available to them.



  1. Conduct Patent and Technical Literature searches to:
  2. Search out new technologies in different fields of silicone chemistry;
  3. Search and classify all Patents / Technical Literature relevant to particular areas of study and establish, organize and maintain Master Files for each;
  4. Prepare brief and meaningful abstracts, highlighting the key points of discovery/teachings of relevant patents and technical articles and maintain these in Master Files while also keeping R&D informed of this information;
  5. Document and integrate all of Siltech’s past R&D intellectual property, experience and lessons learned from failures and successes into the Master Files to use as reference points for future projects;
  6. Update R&D on what competitors are doing in the market and the more recent technologies they have been patenting;
  7. Be able to quickly adapt and search for solutions to chemistry issues that may arise by providing a fast, efficient and totally reliable patent and literature search service to R&D.


  1. Conduct Engineering Database, Process Design and Equipment Supply searches to:
    a) Search for global suppliers of specific equipment that is new and relevant to Siltech;
  2. Search for global providers/designers of specific processes needed to make key raw materials;
  3. c) Collect and update engineering data and supplier files on the latest innovations in process control
    and instrumentation (such as flow control, inline PH control, inline analysis, etc.), innovations in
    safety management and so on.


  1. Conduct Silicone Market/Industry Data searches and maintain information in conjunction with Sales and Marketing team.


  1. Conduct new/exotic Raw Material Suppliers searches and maintain information in conjunction with Purchasing Department


  1. Excellent technical writing skills;
  2. Must possess exceptional technical methods of Information Gathering;
  3. Ability to detect and correlate critical data in patents and technical literature of key value to Siltech;
  4. Be able to clearly communicate new technologies, solutions, potential issues etc. in a streamlined fashion;
  5. Demonstrated ability to prioritize and manage multiple deliverables simultaneously;
  6. Experience in formatting and preparing presentations, reports, and papers;
  7. Demonstrated ability to work both independently and as part of a team;
  8. Exceptional organizational skills and excellent attention to detail.



  1. Must have a degree in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering.
  2. 2-5 years of experience in related fields.
  3. Working experience with PatSnap or other patent and literature search applications.

Please apply at with job tittle as subject reference.

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