Research and Development

Siltech is an Innovation company. We have built our business and reputation on creating new silicones for new customers with new applications. Our R&D, Technical Service and Process R&D laboratories are modern, well-equipped, co-located with our manufacturing facilities and staffed with first-class chemists and engineers. These scientists have years of experience in synthesis and key applications such as personal care, polyurethane foam stabilization, inks and coatings, and silicone gel formulation.

Environmental Awareness

Siltech advocates and follows the three pillars of sustainability: environmental, social and economic. Sustainability pervades our decisions both strategically and tactically. We believe that every person and every company needs to consider their impact on our planet. Everything we do has implications for all other people and for all of the animals and plants that also call Earth home. Whether we burn fossil fuels by driving cars, travelling by train or heating homes; consume electricity that is generated by burning fossil fuels or damming rivers; or consume food and other goods that require fertilizers, cutting down forests or eroding soils, virtually every action negatively impacts the Earth.


Our 15,000 m2 of manufacturing floor space is divided among our two modern plants bracketing the city of Toronto. The Mississauga plant was purchased in 2010 to accommodate growth and has since been further modernized to the standards of our Toronto plant. New control systems have been installed in the Toronto plant to bring them to the standards of the Mississauga plant.  We combined the best of both locations.