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Siltech is an Innovation company.  We have built our business and reputation on creating new silicones for new customers with new applications. [read more]

Environmental Awareness and Sustainability silicone producer toronto

A major concern of today's consumers and users of any chemicals is how they impact the environment.
[read more]

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Our 15,000 m2 of manufacturing floor space is divided among our two modern plants bracketing the city of Toronto. [read more]

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Toronto silicone compounds

Siltech organo-functional silicone compounds and related specialties.

organo functional silicone compoundsSiltech develops, manufactures and markets a full line of organo-functional silicone compounds and related specialties for specific customer applications, using our patented as well as proprietary technology.  With more than 25 years of experience, our expertise includes organo-modified silicone surfactants and silicone polymers, including a full line of cationic, quaternary and di-functional silicones, as well as a number of reactive silicones.  In these fields Siltech owns more than 35 patents.

Because we strive to create new materials with unique performance properties that are as yet unavailable, new applications and markets are constantly being identified and added.  We welcome the opportunity to partner with our customers, as we believe this results in the creation of the most formulator friendly, cost-effective silicone specialties.

"Our success is measured by our customer's success.
When they succeed, we succeed".


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Head Office
Siltech Corporation
225 Wicksteed Avenue, Toronto
Ontario, Canada, M4H 1G5

Telephone: [416] 424-4567
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