Silube® 316
A broad-spectrum, PEG-free emulsifier for inventing water-in-oil or water-in-silicone emulsion systems. It provides stable emulsions and good feel properties. HLB 3-5
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Silube 316 Glossy

Biobased Formulating:

Siltech’s newest formulations have received Biobased product certifications from the USDA.  The formulas were submitted and found to contain greater than 90% Biobased content, arising from renewable materials.  The efficacy of Siltech’s emulsifiers allow for the maximum amount of renewable ingredients to be included while ensuring the positive performance benefits of silicones that consumers love.   To learn more about the USDA BioPreferred® program please visit  To learn more about how Siltech can help you maximize the renewable content in your formulations please review the formulations included below or contact a Siltech representative.

Hint of Tint
Glow Up
Max Moisture
Combine and Conquer

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