Siltech is an Innovation company.  We have built our business and reputation on creating new silicones for new customers with new applications.  Our R&D, Technical Service and Process R&D laboratories are modern, well-equipped, co-located with our manufacturing facilities and staffed with first-class chemists and engineers.  These scientists have years of experience in synthesis and key applications such as personal care, polyurethane foam stabilization, inks and coatings, and silicone gel formulation.

Our first rate analytical labs support the quality of our manufactured products as well as new product development and technical service.

Our track record of innovation and outside-of-the-box problem solving is demonstrated by our broad portfolio of product types.  Our early history as an organic surfactant company gives us a different perspective from the other silicone manufacturers and results in classic organic surfactant derivations to silicone such as our Silamine, Silphos and Silquat products.  All are commercial grades.

We are continually adding chemists and the latest equipment to make sure our R&D capabilities support all of your needs. Our normal approach is to develop products directly with our customers.  We are very willing to work closely with your chemists to develop structure property understandings.  Our commercial reactors are engineered to give the same product no matter the scale, so we have relatively small minimum volumes to commercialize a new variation.  In fact, over 25% of our production today is used for single customer products, further demonstrating our commitment to partnership.

Everyone claims to be innovative and to like to partner.  The difference is we actually do it every day, it is our norm.